Weddings in the Churches of the Benefice

Some helpful information for those wishing to be married in the parishes of Shaldon, Stokeinteignhead, Combeinteignhead and Haccombe.

If either of you has been previously married, and your former spouse is still living, we would not discount a ceremony in the Church; however, you should contact the Rector to discuss this. The Church of St. Nicholas is not licensed for Weddings, but Blessings can take place there.

If either of you lives in one of our parishes, or attends one of our Churches regularly, we can go ahead. As a result of legislation introduced in 2008, certain other conditions may qualify you for marriage in a particular Church. These cover various family connections with the parish. The Rector can supply details;

If one or both of you live outside the parish where you are to be married, you will need your Banns called in the Church(es) of the parish(es) where you live. This will involve your names being read out during the service on three Sundays, during the three months leading up to the wedding. You then get a certificate and bring it to us. This is normally the only legal document we need prior to the marriage. Your Banns are called in the Church where you are getting married as well. There are alternatives to the Banns system (i.e. Licences), which are necessary in some cases.

Church Weddings usually take place on a Saturday, but other days are possible. Certain parts of the Marriage Service are obligatory, but we are happy to discuss the choice of music as well as the readings and prayers. Family and friends will be very welcome to read lessons or prayers.

We provide an Organist, and at Shaldon and Stokeinteignhead it may be possible to have members of the Church choir. Church Bells may be available at Stokeinteignhead and Combeinteignhead. You will normally make arrangements for flowers; this will require some liaison with us.

For more information and details of fees, please contact the Rector in the first instance. Click here

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