Churchyard Records and Plans

The only Churchyard in Shaldon, in fact the only Burial Place of any kind, is the one surrounding St. Nicholas (the original Parish Church), where Burials are still taking place.

If you wish to locate an old grave, our Churchyard Records may help, but only if there is a legible headstone or other memorial. In that case we can provide you with directions to find it. Eventually we hope to put our records on this site with Plans of the Churchyard.

If there is no legible memorial, it is very unlikely that we can pinpoint the grave. From our Church Registers, we can normally confirm whether a particular person was buried in the Churchyard, and the date this took place: but we won't know the location.

For recent Burials our Churchyard records are much more complete.

The old part of the Churchyard consists of a long strip of land parallel to the river, with the church at one end. Most of the memorials here are 19th or early 20th century (a few older). Two adjacent areas were added: the first was opened in 1950 and the second in 1993. Apart from a few re-openings, burials no longer take place either in the old part or the first extension.

Cremation plots (for Ashes) will be found in the old part of the churchyard (near the east end of the Church) and in the second extension.

Please contact one of the Churchwardens for details. Click here

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