. Funerals in the Parish of Shaldon


At Shaldon, Ringmore, Stokeinteignhead, Combeinteignhead & Haccombe.

In any parish, residents are entitled to have a Church Funeral, and Burial in the Churchyard (if there is one with space available). For non-residents, this is left to our discretion. We would look for some link with the parish, but this is not sharply defined, and we realise the need for pastoral sensitivity.

A Funeral Service may take place in any of our five Churches, but it is not practical to have more than approximately seventy people at St. Nicholas simply due to the size of the building.

We provide an Organist, and are pleased to discuss the choice of music and reading. Family or friends often compose a Eulogy or Tribute, and may also read Bible passages, poems, etc.

After the Funeral, the Burial or Cremation takes place, and we would also usually officiate at this. Burials may take place in the Churchyards at Ringmore, Stokeinteignhead and Combeinteignhead, but Haccombe Churchyard has no further space available. There is no Churchyard at St. Peterís Shaldon; for Funerals at St. Peterís, the Burial would take place half a mile away at Ringmore Churchyard.

If Cremation is chosen, we are happy to accompany mourners to the Crematorium for a short Committal ceremony. Alternatively, the Committal may take place in Church, at the end of the service. No further prayers would then be said at the Crematorium.

At a suitable date after Cremation, the Ashes may be buried (not scattered) in any of our Churchyards (including Haccombe). This may also be done where the Funeral Service and Cremation have been held in other places. Ashes may be buried (with family permission) in a grave where a relative has been buried, as long as no further burials are going to take place there. Alternatively, Ashes may be buried in a Cremation Plot in the Churchyard. These generally have room for two sets of ashes. At the Burial of Ashes, there is normally a short ceremony at which prayers are said for the departed.

Monumental Masons will be able to advise you on the kind of Memorial that you may have on a grave or Cremation plot, and on the procedure.

For more information and details of fees, please contact the Rector in the first instance. Click here

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