Benefice Letter for January

Happy New Year to you all!! Let us all hope that this year is better then the last. Of course, we shall all still have to adhere to the Covid rules and regulations for some time to come, so keep washing your hands, using your face coverings and keeping the 2-metre social distancing!

I do hope that those of you who managed to get together with family members over Christmas had a wonderful time. We are now back to no mixing of households and gradually, as the year unfolds, are hoping to find a new normal that we can live with alongside this virus and have the freedom to see our loved ones when we want to. Please do remember, though, that there are still people who have no-one and don’t have visits to look forward to. Let’s all keep doing what we have been doing to support those less well off than ourselves and carry the kindness we have shown, and have been shown, into the future.

Christmas, although pared down, in our churches was wonderful. The churches looked lovely and people came together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – which is what Christmas is really about. My thanks go to everybody who made brilliant efforts to adhere to all the regulations to keep everyone safe. We were not able to have our usual Christingle or Nativity but much of the village put together some amazing displays connected with Christmas Carols and songs. Thank you to you all for the effort you put into this, the displays were brilliant!!

January is a fairly quiet month in the Church’s year but Lent will soon be upon us, beginning on Ash Wednesday which is the 17th February this year. I am hoping that we can have a couple of Lent groups happening and will let you know next month. In the meantime we will be doing a service of Compline (night prayer), which lasts about 20 minutes, at 7pm every Tuesday of January via Zoom!!! If you would like to join in, I will need your e-mail address so that I can invite you! If this is popular it could be continued through Lent too. ( )

I don’t know about you but it is difficult to decide to commit to any New Year’s resolutions as I think we have given up a lot during the last year! However, taking up the practice of 5 minutes a day of quiet time with God each day is a very simple thing to do and will be of great benefit – 5 minutes out of 24 hours is not too much – have a go!!

Stay safe - With much love from the Rectory,

Annie x

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