A Plea for Help

In years gone by it used to be the case that every church had their own vicar who was dedicated only to that one church. He was able to know all his parishioners and care for them all, churchgoers or otherwise.

These days most vicars have the care (and cure of souls) of more than one church. Here in our Mission Community I have the care of five churches. Living in Shaldon I do not know everybody in this village, never mind everyone in the other communities which I serve.

As you can imagine it is very difficult for me to get to know everyone in all five communities, particularly getting to know when someone is ill or in hospital and might appreciate a visit. It is in these circumstances that I must rely heavily on those of you who live in each community to let me know when I am needed to visit or pray for someone who is ill, in hospital or in other difficult circumstances. I would, therefore, appreciate it if you could be my eyes and ears in your relative communities and let me know where and when I can offer pastoral ministry where it is needed.

Even though we are five separate churches we are one Mission Community and I would like to think that we can work really well together as a team, especially when it comes to helping others, particularly those in our midst.

Please do telephone if I can be of help on 01626 873173.

Very many thanks,


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